Installation of LAMMPS on ubuntu

Please guide me the exact procedure to install LAMMPS on ubuntu.
Assume me as a beginner and first exposure towards linux.(if possible)

Note: I have read the manual several times but I didn’t get much

Please provide me the way.

From doc/Section_start.html

Building LAMMPS can be non-trivial.
Please read this section carefully. If you are not comfortable with
makefiles, or building codes on a Unix platform, or running an MPI job
on your machine, please find a local expert to help you.

If the instructions don't make sense to you, I suggest you find
a local person who can help.



I have installed LAMMPS on a recent Ubuntu distribution and I must say that you can really just stick to the procedure written in the manual.
Depending on your machine and available compilers, take one of the most appropriate makefiles and edit it (i.e. if you want to use a different FFTW package for example and where the compiler can find your MPI libraries)

You don't have to edit much more than these two sections and it should compile without problems (as far as you don't use LAMMPS packages which need additional software to be installed)

However, as Steve wrote, it would be easyer to talk to someone lokal who can help you with the linux commands.


Here'es the makefile I use to compile lammps for ubuntu 11.10 with
mpi. (See attached. Feel free to ignore the "_dbg" version.)

The following ubuntu/debian packages must be installed for this
makefile to work:
mpich2 build-essential fftw-dev gfortran g++

Hope this helps.


Makefile.ubuntu_parallel.txt (649 Bytes)

Makefile.ubuntu_dbg (657 Bytes)