Installation of OMP package

Hi, LAMMPS users and developers,

I am trying to build LAMMPS with make. The version is 3-Mar-20. I follow the instruction to install USER-OMP package and other packages I need. Then, I typed “make ps” to check the status of all packages. It gives a lot of errors shown below:

Installed YES: package USER-OMP
src/angle_cosine_shift_exp_omp.cpp does not exist
src/angle_cosine_shift_omp.cpp does not exist
src/angle_dipole_omp.cpp does not exist
src/angle_fourier_omp.cpp does not exist
… and so on

There are a lot of files missing which are actually located in the subfolder “USER-OMP.” Besides, I also looked for a solution on mail list archives. I found someone has a similar problem. ( Please refer to the link: ) Can you please help with this problem? Any comments or suggestions will be greatly appreciated!



May advice is the same advice I gave in the message from the mailing list you referred to: those warnings are no indication of a problem and have no ill side effects; those files require other packages to be installed, so they are skipped.