installation of user-ewaldn package in lammps

Dear all:

I tried to install the USER-EWALN package in lammps. In order to do it correctly, I rebuilt my former lammps serial edition without any problem. After that, I typed ‘make clean-all’ to clean my former compiling. Then I did following to compile USER-EWALDN into lammps:

cd src/;
make yes-USER-EWALDN;
make serial;

After that, the lmp_serial was built. I saw following in my style_kspace.h file:

#include “ewald.h”
#include “ewald_n.h”
#include “pppm_cg.h”
#include “pppm.h”
#include “pppm_tip4p.h”

I also have the *.cpp files and other files from USER-EWALDN/ in the src/ directory. So I think the compiling was done correctly.

But when I tested it, I got following error message:
ERROR: Illegal kspace_style ewald/n command

Can I know what was wrong? Thank you very much.


Most likely the format of the input script was incorrect.
Without seeing it, it is impossible to tell.