Dear LAMMPS users,
Please help me with the installation.
After installation of all the a packages, I tried to make mpi but I got error.
I tried to resolve it but still I’m stuck in the end
Can someone please help me by providing all the steps one by one.
It would be great help for me

Detailed installation instructions are in the LAMMPS manual.

It is almost never a good idea to install all packages. Many have external dependencies and/or require additional steps to be performed.

In general, it is recommended to first compile LAMMPS with no additional packages installed to verify that compilation can work at all and that your compilation toolkit is complete and sufficient. From then on there are two recommended routes: 1) you install the “basic” selection of packages, which already covers many common applications of LAMMPS, and any additional packages as needed. or 2) you install the “most” selection of packages, which selects all that can be installed without manual steps and that are not very unusual. This would also be followed by adding packages as needed.

When adding packages it is crucial to carefully study the corresponding documentation in the manual.

Thank you so much for reply