Installing lammps

Really confused about the installation options in this page. LAMMPS Binaries Repository: .

I want to get everything. The GUI for LAMMPS, the PYTHON package and the MS-MPI as well. It seems I can have one or the other. Which installer has everything?

But you cannot get it unless you compile LAMMPS from source yourself.

Besides, using the GUI with MPI makes no sense at all, and you are likely confusing the PYTHON package in LAMMPS with the LAMMPS Python module (which is included in all binary installers).
Please also note, that all packages include support for the OPENMP and GPU packages for exploiting acceleration through threads or GPUs.

Thank you for the reply. May I ask why it makes no sense to run GUI with MPI? The GUI is for replacing the task of running lammps from powershell/cmd, right? Can we not configure the GUI to run lammps in a certain no. of processors?

Wrong! The GUI keeps LAMMPS running in a thread alongside it and needs to access data from the (connected) LAMMPS process to update the GUI during LAMMPS runs. If the GUI would be launching LAMMPS via mpirun, those processes would be disconnected and not have the information of the whole system and thus the GUI cannot function the way it is programmed. The GUI is intended for helping people to get started with LAMMPS by eliminating the need to learn multiple programs, not as a common tool for experienced users.

Please see the documentation for more details.