instantaneous values

first off, please *always* respond to the mailing list, not individual people.

second, answers can only be as good as the question, and your question
is/was very vague, without context and lacking specific details. it is
only because of your gross misstatement, that it was worth answering
at all.

in lammps it will give the average value by default. am i right? then how i
will use compute command for getting instantaneous value.

no. you are utterly wrong and i already *told* you in my answer. what
is the point of asking a question and not reading the answer and
instead repeating the same question.

if you want this discussion to continue and lead to a productive
outcome, *you* have to prove your point. state *precisely* how you
come to your conclusion and point out the parts of the documentation
that support your assessment. i believe the documentation is lucid and
specific in what is available and it is a complete mystery how
somebody and misread it so badly.