interaction between SPH particles of water and air in near interface

Hi all,

I want to simulate a system contain two phase water and air which constitute from SPH particles. To define interaction between two phase, I have used two methods (at below). But in all of them, those particles of air or water which come close to interface, either disappear suddenly or interpenetrate inside each other.

method 1:

pair_coeff 1 3 sph/idealgas 1 0.045
pair_coeff 1 3 sph/rhosum 0.045

method 2:
pair_coeff 1 3 sph/lj 1 0.045

how can i define this interaction correctly?


You need to read the SPH literature or ask an SPH expert,

like the person who wrote the SPH package for LAMMPS.

His email is in the doc pages and code.