Interactive MD and Novint Falcon

Hello all,

We are putting together some interactive MD simulations in LAMMPS with the intention of using a Novint Falcon on OSX Mountain Lion, and have a few questions (I apologize if this is an inappropriate list for this):

This referral code (from doesn’t work: ‘vrpn-icms’ on the Novint Falcon website, perhaps that’s not surprising given it was discussed in 2010, wondering if something is still available.

Also, from :
“i found that one has to use a powered usb hub for best results. yet even then, sometimes changing the make and model of the hub results in different results.”
So I was also wondering if anyone had specific recommendations of a good hub to buy for this purpose (or just, what has worked in the past?).


The referral program was discontinued by novint.

I never used a Mac myself, so no idea how well this will work.

I have successfully used various no-name hubs and hubs in dell lcd screens. I had people report problems with their hubs, but no specifics.