Is it possible to ‘fix addforce’ in a specific timestep?

Hi LAMMPS developers,

I have been learning to use LAMMPS recently and following the documentation to understand some of the commands. I have been using ‘fix addforce’ command to replace the forces on atoms with data from atomfile style variable. It is stated in the ‘fix addforce’ doc page that the default value of keyword ‘every’ is 1. So the same set of new forces are being used in each time step.
Instead of this, is it possible that I could replace different set of forces in different time steps using this command or any other additional operations?

Thanks a lot for reading about my problem. I hope I made my explanation clear and would get some help from you. Thanks again!

Please see the documentation for atomfile variables.
Aat this point I am curious to learn what kind of purpose you would need this for since this is highly unusual.