is lammps USER-VTK with Qt5 good or bad?

Hi, I'm building lammps 19Sep2019 on a Debian system. My configuration activates VTK support via cmake -DPKG_USER-VTK=ON, and with libvtk7-dev installed.

I've noticed that if libvtk7-qt-dev is also installed, then the lammps configuration also automatically configures to build against Qt5 (via vtkGUISupportQt I believe).

My question is, is building lammps against Qt5 a desirable or undesirable thing? Does it materially change the way USER-VTK operates? Should I accept it, or should I take effort to prevent it (by uninstalling libvtk7-qt-dev) ?


i don’t think it should make a difference. it all depends on how your VTK installation is configured. for distribution packages, they usually contain as many optional features as possible resulting in additional dependencies. the USER-VTK code, however, will not use those additional APIs. you may still need to link to the additional libraries because of how the base package is configured.

in short, i would not worry unless there are actual problems with features not working.