Is there any structure for NiCoO2

I found the PDF of CoNiO2 but in our website we dont have it.

Hi! There is indeed literature suggesting such a phase:

By classical crystallization it is difficult, if not impossible, to obtain a single phase NaCl-type CoxNi1−xO nanocrystal in aqueous solution. Such single phase oxidenanocrystals, however, may be synthesized via an amorphous precursor pathway. We submit that appropriately chosen amorphous precursors in disordered states and with high solubility could allow the co-existence of Co2+ and Ni2+ in any molar ratio. The amorphous precursors could then be crystallized and thermally decomposed into single phase Cox Ni1−xO (NaCl-type crystal structure) with various molar ratios of Co/Ni.

However, I was not able to locate this phase’s crystal structure in the ICSD, from which we typically source experimentally reported structures. If you like, you can construct a unit cell based on the above and suggest the structure to us via the Crystal Toolkit.