Issue with loading using fix deform

Dear LAMMPS users,


In case I want to use fix deform erate to load my system up to a specific strain, i.e. 500 step, and then change something in the system for 100 step and finally keep on doing the fix deform loading to the fracture point with a value exactly similar to the first fix deform, how can I do that ? I’m asking because erate is based on initial dimension. So, in the final section how can I adress the very beginning dimension so as to have a similar loading ? Any comment would be really helpful.



Hello Ali,

Can you just modify the erate value in the second fix deform to produce a consistent rate of change in the dimension you are loading? If you have erate1 in the first fix deform, you could use erate2=L(0)/L(500)erate1 in the second fix deform, where L(t) is the length of the dimension under strain