Jarvis CFID

Hello all,

I used the Jarvis CFID featurizer to generate descriptors for my dataset. It generated many new features (~1500) such as:

  1. ‘jml_hfus_add_polzbl’,
  2. ‘jml_X_subs_first_ion_en’,
  3. ‘jml_mp_subs_first_ion_en’,
  4. ‘jml_atom_rad_mult_voro_coord’,
  5. ‘jml_mol_vol_subs_mp’, and so on…

Could you please kindly explain what these features are and what they stand for? I have been searching online but couldn’t figure it out.

If possible, could you also please suggest a suitable resource to learn more about this?

Thank you very much.

Sorry but this question is outside the scope of this forum. Please contact the JARVIS team, or check their corresponding publication and supporting information, if you need more information on their descriptors.


the meaning of each Jarvis CFID features is explained in the Supplemental Material of the original paper (“Machine learning with force-field-inspired descriptors for materials: Fast screening and mapping energy landscape”, Kamal Choudhary, Brian DeCost, and Francesca Tavazza, Phys. Rev. Materials 2, 083801 – Published 3 August 2018)

I hope this is useful

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