Job Posting: JPL Modeling Tasks


There is an immediate opportunity to contribute to exciting modeling tasks at Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL). The position involves C++ based software development for modeling infrastructure development and maintenance and use of modeling software to analyze a range of interesting terrestrial and extra terrestrial robotics systems. C++ expertise is essential. US persons only (i.e. Green Card and Citizens). Experience with LAMMPS is desired. Experience in submitting and running jobs on clusters, MPI programming and/or OpenMP programming is a plus. The opportunity exists in the form of (i) internship for several months for those in school or going back to school (ii) year long post doc for those interested in a post-doc and (iii) full time opportunity for candidates with excellent profiles. Open to BS, MS and PhD levels. If interested please forward a resume to [email protected]…24….

Thank you,

Ryan Houlihan