jpeg image with atoms outside the box


I am getting some jpeg snapshots with what appears to be atoms outside
the box. Inspection of the same cfg data with AtomEye shows no such
thing and the computations are normal. Any insights? The command used
for creating the jpeg snapshots is

dump id1 C12 image 2000 dump.*.jpeg element element &
     bond atom atom &
     size 1200 1200 &
     zoom 2.5 &
     box yes 0.005

dump_modify id1 &
            boxcolor white &
            element C C H H &
            pad 7



See this comment from the dump doc page:

IMPORTANT NOTE: Because periodic boundary conditions are enforced only
on timesteps when neighbor lists are rebuilt, the coordinates of an
atom written to a dump file may be slightly outside the simulation

It is no different with JPEG "dumps".