Dear Lammps users
Thank you for your earlier advice and comments.

I am trying to learn the thermal conductivity calculation by lammps example in kappa folder 1-.Does anyone knows why we redefine again the temperature in in.heat
and in.langevine as it seems to me that the new definition is exactly as the
way that lammps is calculating temperature by default.( the new definition is as follows

compute ke all ke/atom
variable temp atom c_ke/1.5)

2-and what does mean the f_2[11][2] in the following line?
I know that it is one of the element of fix 2 …but I don’t understand the [11][2]

fix 2 all ave/spatial 10 100 1000 z lower 0.05 v_temp &
file heat.temp.profile units reduced
variable tdiff equal f_2[11][2]

Many thanks in advance

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Niall Jackson
PhD Student, Bresme Group (Computational Chemical Physics Section)
Department of Chemistry, Imperial College London