kim-api-2.0.2 released!


This release involves mostly changes/adjustments to the build and collections management aspects of the KIM API package. There are only refactoring improvements in the actual KIM API code. These should not change the behavior of the code in any way. See the NEWS file for a more complete summary of changes.

The significant changes to build and collections behavior are:

* Package name: For better consistency with standard practice in the open source community, we have switched from kim-api-v2 to simply kim-api. This change will require very minor adjustments to the build setup for most codes that use/link to the KIM API. See the INSTALL file and the examples for updated procedures.

* Simulator Models: These are now stored in a folder separate from the models in each collection. The kim-api-collections-management utility and the kim-api-collections-info libexec utility have been updated to be able to provide separate listings of simulator models.

For more information on the features of KIM API v2 see the documentation ( Also see the NEWS, README, and INSTALL files in the KIM API package root directory after downloading and extracting the package.



Dear Ryan,

In connection with the upgrade to 2.0.2, something seems to have gone wrong. It is no longer possible to install all models with kim-api-collection-management, but it is still possible to install modules individually:

13:31 [demokrit] examples$ kim-api-collections-management install user OpenKIM
*** ERROR *** Unable to successfully contact to download models.

13:31 [demokrit] examples$ kim-api-collections-management install user EAM_Dynamo_Ackland_1992_Ti__MO_748534961139_005
Downloading.............. EAM_Dynamo_Ackland_1992_Ti__MO_748534961139_005
  (proceeds to successfully install it)

Best regards


Hi Jakob,

Many thanks for the report.

It turns out to be a silly typo. "refex"->"regex" on line 336 of utils/

It is fixed in the devel branch and will be in the next release.