KIM API v0.2.0 released (new features and bug fixes)

Dear Colleague:

We are pleased to announce the release of version 0.2.0 of the KIM application programming interface (API). This version includes
bug fixes and the following main new features:

* support for `Model drivers' (Models that read in parameters)
* incorporation of KIM descriptor files into a Model's binary library
   (This means that the .kim file is no longer required at run time.)
* improved error handling
* updated documentation describing the new features

(See the CHANGELOG and README files described below for more information on these features.)

The distribution includes the API code, examples of simulation codes (Tests) and interatomic models (Models) and documentation. The purpose of this release is to familiarize users with how the API works and to get feedback to help guide the design of future releases. Note that this is an "alpha" release in computer science terms ( Additional features will be added to the next release (see below) which may *not* be fully-downward compatible.

To obtain the code, visit the following page:

and click on the link for the most recent package of the KIM API on the bottom of the page. Then do the following:

1. Unpack the tarball (on Unix/Linux/Mac OSX systems, type: tar zxvf openkim-api-latest.tgz) which will create the directory openkim-api-v0.2.0

2. Read the CHANGELOG file in the root directory (openkim-api-v0.2.0/README) to
see what is new in the current release.

3. Read the README file in the root directory (openkim-api-v0.2.0/README).

4. Install the package. See directions in the INSTALL file in the root directory.

5. Read the README file in the DOCs directory for a step-by-step guide to learning the API.