kim-api-v1.7.0 released -- bug fixes and minor api additions

Dear Colleagues,

I am happy to announce the release of kim-api-v1.7.0 available immediately at:

This release includes various bug fixes and improvements. In addition, two changes required the increment from 1.6.X to 1.7.0. First, a new api routine (KIM_API_get_kim_str_len()) has been added. Second, a new build dependency (the 'xxd' utility) has been introduced. This utility is available by default on most kim-api compatible machines.

The NEWS entry for this release is:

=== kim-api-v1.7.0 ======================================================

* Use 'xxd' utility for encapsulation of KIM descriptor files and param. files

* Added LINKSOPATH variable to build system for advanced system install options

* Added KIM_API_get_kim_str_len() routine

* Fix inconsistencies in ex_test_Ar_multiple_models

* remove build system dependency on 'ed' program

* Update 'make add-*' mechanism to use permanent url's for items

* Fix bugs and minor improvements to build system

* Minor improvements to error messages

* Updates to documentation

Hi Ryan-

When updating to KIM 1.7.0, I’ve noticed the following error when making several EAM models:

Creating… intermediate file… parameterized-model.cpp.
Creating… parameterized-model.o.
parameterized-model.cpp: In function ‘int process_paramfiles(char*, int*)’:
parameterized-model.cpp:7287:31: error: ‘paramfile_001’ was not declared in this scope
parameterized-model.cpp:7289:35: error: ‘paramfile_001_len’ was not declared in this scope
make[1]: *** [parameterized-model.o] Error 1
rm parameterized-model.cpp
make: *** [EAM_Dynamo_Landa_Wynblatt_AlPb__MO_699137396381_001-all] Error 2

This happened for:

Model… EAM_Dynamo_Landa_Wynblatt_AlPb__MO_699137396381_001
Model… EAM_Dynamo_Mendelev_Asta_AlMg__MO_658278549784_001
Model… EAM_Dynamo_Mendelev_Srolovitz_AlFe__MO_577453891941_001
Model… EAM_Dynamo_PurjaPun_Mishin_NiAl__MO_751354403791_001
Model… EAM_Dynamo_Zope_Mishin_TiAl__MO_117656786760_001

I just wanted to give you a heads up. I’m currently working with an EAM model that did compile correctly.


Hi Sean,

Right you are!!! Thanks for the bug report. It tuned out to be an easy build system fix, once I tracked down the problem...

I've released v1.7.1 with the fix; It is available now for download.