Kokkos crashing when writing restart/data files for triclinic boxes


LAMMPS Kokkos (version 20 Jan 2017) is crashing when writing a restart or data file with a triclinic box.

The error message is:
ERROR: Atom count is inconsistent, cannot write restart file (…/write_restart.cpp:255)
Last command: write_restart re.TESTLJ.restart
Kokkos::Cuda ERROR: Failed to call Kokkos::Cuda::finalize()

This can be verified my modifying the lj example in the accelerate folder with these additions:
change_box all triclinic

write_restart re.TESTLJ.restart

write_data re.TESTLJ.data

I have attached this modified LJ example. Thank you.


in.lj (741 Bytes)