LAMMPS-23Jun2022 can't be installed with electrode package

I try to install lammps-23Jun2022 with electrode package using parallel_studio_xe_2019_update4. But there is an error “…/…/lib/electrode/Makefile.lammps: No such file or directory”. I open this file “lib/electrode”, but i can just find, Makefile.lammps.empty, Makefile.lammps.installed, Makefile.lammps.linalg, Makefile.mpi, Makefile.serial there. Someone can tell me how to produce Makefile.lammps?

Please either use the CMake based build procedure or follow the instructions for the GNU make based procedure for the ELECTRODE package. 3.7. Packages with extra build options — LAMMPS documentation

Thank you for your reply. I have successfully installed LAMMPS。 :partying_face:

please, guide me on how you did that.
I think that is what I am facing over here