LAMMPS 6Apr2013

​please *always* reply to the mailing list, not only individual people.

thanks for your reply.
I could not update this version that way, but I could do it for other

​​that doesn't make any sense.

versions. I don't know why.

​since you don't provide any explanation what you tried and how, nobody can
make a suggestion to tell you what your mistake is.​

the svn/git​ is a direct mirror of the official repository. it contains the
original commits to the main branch. *all* commits are there. as far as i
can tell, you should get this version when retrieving
commit 2f1909c5e8408ba899f23bfbee9b9389e90dd5ea with git and which
corresponds to revision 9757 in SVN.

[[email protected] src]$ git diff 2f1909c5e8408ba899f23bfbee9b9389e90dd5ea
diff --git a/src/version.h b/src/version.h
index a434766..42e93a1 100644
--- a/src/version.h
+++ b/src/version.h
@@ -1 +1 @@
-#define LAMMPS_VERSION "6 Apr 2013"
+#define LAMMPS_VERSION "11 May 2014"

​thus from the git repository you should be able to download this version
as a snapshot directly via:;a=snapshot;

There is another way to get LAMMPS-6Apr-2013?

​the *by* far better​ solution would be to ask the PLUMED folks to update
their patch to the current version. quite a few bugs have been fixed since
and useful features added.