lammps and old dynamo

HI everyone

I am trying to reproduce the results of DYNAMO CODE in LAMMPS.The DYNAMO CODE uses the following values and BOUNDARY CONDITIONS.

lower periodic bound -7.4715 -7.4715 -6.6765
upper periodic bound 7.4715 7.4715 6.6765
length 14.943 14.943 13.353

I get different position of atoms using the following LAMMPS compared to result of DYNAMO CODE.Can you please tell
me how can reproduce the same result of DYNAMO using LAMMPS.Is there any problem in my input script.

Who cant tell? They are 2 different codes, and MEAM was added
to DYNAMO long after the original DYNAMO was written.

You'll have to study the doc pages of both codes and assure
yourself that you are using commands that do identical things.
Even then, there is little chance that they will create
identical dynamical trajectories over many timesteps. There
are too many small things that could be different. If they
are far off in the initial energy/pressure for a snapshot, that
would be easier for you to figure out. Study the params both
use as input for the MEAM potential and track down
the difference. No one else is likely to do this for you.