lammps cygwin memory

Is there a memory leak in the lammps cygwin build? I’m running the Feb 2015 version of the code.

Is there a memory leak in the lammps cygwin build? I'm running the Feb 2015

what "lammps cygwin build" are you talking about? there haven't been
official cygwin based builds for LAMMPS in a very long time.
definitely not in 2015.
something you compiled yourself or a pre-compiled binary? if
pre-compiled, where did you download it?

version of the code.

we are finding (and fixing!!) bugs and memory leaks in different parts
of the code regularly. most commonly in newly added features or
packages. no package as large as LAMMPS is without them. please also
note, that LAMMPS uses several ancillary libraries (including - in
your case - cygwin), which may have memory leaks as well.

generally, memory leaks are rarely platform specific, but due to
programming oversights and thus are bugs that need to be corrected.
in that case, the usual suggestions for tracking down bugs and helping
to resolve them apply:
- simplify and reduce your input, unless you have the smallest input
for the smallest system that still reproduces the issue (i.e. start
with an empty file and copy only the absolutely minimal number of
lines to reproduce the issue and then reduce the number of atoms and
time steps). sometimes, issues only show up when running in parallel,
so test for that as well.
- try with the latest patch level of LAMMPS. for windows, precompiled
installer packages are provided at
these are produced with a MinGW64 cross-compiler, though (and showed
much better performance and portability than the natively compiled
cygwin binaries, which is why the cygwin binaries were discontinued).
- if you have the option try with a binary on a different platform as well
- post your final input with a detailed description of how to
reproduce the issue here or on github at


i should add, that the only known and verified memory leak (and so far
impossible to resolve) is documented in the issue tracker as well:


theres a cygwin makefile in the lammps files.

theres a cygwin makefile in the lammps files.

I know.

That doesn’t answer my questions.

I compiled it.