LAMMPS dump file processing in python

I am reading a dump file from lammps, but it seems that a specific frame doesnt have all the particles outputed. And after restarting the simulation more timesteps were appended to the file.
I guess OVITO scans the file and when it reach that timestep it thinks its the end of the file, right?
How can i make OVITO scan even further?

If the dump file is corrupted and contains an incomplete frame, OVITO will not read the content that follows. I can only recommend repairing the file outside of OVITO, i.e., removing the broken frame.

Is there a way to make OVITO continue past that broken frame? or print something at that point?

No, OVITO will stop the file import at the faulty frame.
Are you working outside of the desktop application? You can use the num_frames attribute of the FileSource to see how many frames were successfully imported and also look at the “Timestep” global attribute of the last frame.