LAMMPS error

ERROR: Unknown identifier in data file: atoms
Last command: read_data data.dat
Hello guys I hope you are doing well. Why LAMMPS couldn’t read my data ?

You are not making it easy to help you by providing almost no detail. As a guess, I would say that you wrote “atoms” instead of “Atoms” in data.dat.

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Yeah thanks I wrote atoms instead of Atoms.
But I still have a problem, the problem doesn’t give any error, just one warning and it stopped executing!!
“WARNING: Proc sub-domain size < neighbor skin, could lead to lost atoms (src/domain.cpp:970)
Setting up Verlet run …
Unit style : real
Current step : 0
Time step : 4”

Could id be that you are using too many CPU core ?

We really need to see your input file and at least the first part of your data file. We need to know the LAMMPS version you are using, the platform you are running on and the command line.

This warning could happen if your data file has incorrect, i.e. too small, box dimensions. That would also explain why the calculation then gets stuck, but that is just a wild guess.

Thanks for you response. I appreciate all your help.
I had a problem with the box of simulation.
Best regards.