lammps for windows

hello dear
i’m using lammps version (12 apr 2013)
does anybody know the link address of high version for windows.thanks

Axel has a repository here:

Opinion: If you know C++ (or C), I suggest to download source-code (instead of, or in addition to) the binaries. Frequently LAMMPS refuses to run an input script and prints an error message. When that happens, usually you can figure out the problem from the error message and the documentation. However sometimes it is very helpful to read the code and figure out exactly what went wrong. (The error message usually tells you the source file and line number where the problem occurred. I use the gdb debugger with LAMMPS occasionally, even if I don’t suspect there is a bug.)

— tools —

VMD/topotools runs fine in windows

instructions for moltemplate here: