Please direct all correspondence to the mailing list, Cc'd, thanks.

P.S.: I am using LAMMPS 2001

I think you just have a far-too-old version. Just update to the most
recent one and try again.


Hi Ray,

For some reason, I have to stick to this version.
I cannot upgrade this version.
I was wondering if you have any explanation for it.

Hi John,

Sorry, I can't tell you what might have happend during the past 11
years. You can easily download a recent tar ball and install it under
your MacOS, CentOS, Linux or even your own account on any cluster


None of the people working on lammps is going to care about an over a decade old version. Since you don't even provide your mysterious reason, there is no way to suggest an alternative. Sorry you're on your own. Axel.