lammps: how to add fix

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Dear Dr. Kohlmeyer,

I created the fix_ave_sph.h and fix_ave_sph.cpp files using the code
provided in the link mentioned and copied them to the src directory, and
then started re-building lammps with proceeding commands:
make yes-all
make no-lib
but with "make openmpi" command I encountered this erorr:

make[1]: *** [fix_ave_sph.o] Error 1
make[1]: Leaving directory
make: *** [openmpi] Error 2

Is there problem with the code? How can I solve it

i don't know. this is useless, because this is only the error message
printed from the make program; what you need is the error from the
compiler itself. if the code that you want to include is indeed some
non-canonical source and over 3 years old, then it would be a miracle,
if it would compile as it is. LAMMPS is continually developed,
extended and improved. that often means, that backward compatibility
at the source code level is broken, and it requires proper adjustments
to the sources to make them work.