Lammps is now available on homebrew for OSX

Hello all,

I wanted to let you know that I incorporated a build script for LAMMPS into the popular package management system for OSX, homebrew ( It is for those of you interested in running and using lammps on OSX with as little necessary fiddling as possible. If you have homebrew, installing is as simple as these two commands in the terminal:

brew tap homebrew/science
brew install lammps

This installs all the standard packages by default. Currently only 4 packages (kim, gpu, user-cuda, and user-atc) have been disabled because either I could not get them to install or there is some exterior requirement that cannot be confirmed. All the rest of the user packages are available as options (i.e. “–enable-user-colvars”).

Additionally, the library and python modules are installed, and mpi parallelizable version can be installed with “–with-mpi”. In order to keep up with all of the changes and make sure you have the most up to date version you should install “–HEAD”. The version I am using is just:

brew install lammps --HEAD --with-mpi

You can get the location of the potential files, tools, docs, etc by running “brew info”.

I hope this comes in handy to some of you. I haven’t been able to test all of the packages or intricacies of lammps. If you come across a use case that fails, please submit pull-requests (updates) or issues to the homebrew/science github page (


Derek Thomas
PhD Candidate
Computational Materials Science Group
University of Tokyo

Sounds great for Mac users. If you want to give
me a sentence for the top of this page:

and some text/instructions for a sub-section
at the bottom of the page, then we'll add
it to the download instructions.

Formatted similarly to the blurbs on an Ubuntu package
that we just added.

thanks for creating this option,

Hello Steve,

Thank you for asking. I wasn’t sure what file format you wanted, so I attached both markdown and html versions in the attached tarball.

I’m glad that I could get this out. It should help make lammps even more accessible.

Best regards,

Derek A. Thomas

PhD Candidate
Watanabe Laboratory
Department of Materials Engineering
University of Tokyo

lammps-dl.tar.gz (1.16 KB)