Lammps : OLD fix wall/gran with NEW user manual in 23Aug12 release

Redirecting to you seems more in agreement with the bug reporting procedure, as I just learnt.
Best, Olivier

I’m not clear on what you asking. The fix wall/gran command
is for walls that interact with granular particles (normal and tangential
forces). It allows for variables to move the walls in arbitrary manners.

The fix wall/piston command does not compute granular interactions.
it is a convenient boundary condition for shocked systems, hence
it is in the SHOCK package.

The doc pages on the WWW site always correspond to the current
version of the code. So far as I know they are 100% consistent.

If something is still not clear, post a Q about a specific command
and how it works. Referring to a page in an (old?) PDF version
of the manual is not enough info.