LAMMPS on the second Intel Xeon Phi mic1


Is there a way to run LAMMPS only on the second Xeon Phi card (mic1)?

I know LAMMPS can run on both mic0 and mic1 at the same time, but I'd
like to run two separate simulations on two different Phi cards
installed on the same server. It seems that I could not specify which
card I'd like to use for a particular simulation.

Thanks a lot for your help.


Mike can likely answer this Q … CCd


Hi Xue,

Currently the only way to do this is with the -partition commandline option to LAMMPS ( . If your simulations run for a similar length of time, you can use this to have multiple simulations (can be more than 2) share a single or multiple coprocessors on the node. You then have to use variables in the input script to make the simulations different for the different partitions.

I might be able to add something quickly to add the capability you are asking for separate runs. Will update if so.

Best, - Mike