LAMMPS patch release 30 July 2021 with important bug fix

Please note that we just released a new LAMMPS patch version 30 July 2021.

This release is particularly noteworthy, since it contains an important bug fix for a bug that has been in the code since the 10 February 2021 patch release. It is a particularly nasty bug since it will just give you wrong numbers from an otherwise correct simulation and it is not tied to a specific package or style or command. To trigger it, one needs to use some reference to a single element of a global or per-atom array where the first index has more than one digit, for example c_stress[21][1] would instead return the value of c_stress[2][1]. Details are at: Only first digit of index is read in ArgInfo class · Issue #2858 · lammps/lammps · GitHub

We urge everybody that is using a LAMMPS version between 10 February 2021 to 28 July 2021 to upgrade to this latest patch release. People using older versions including the stable version, 29 October 2020, are not affected (by this bug).