lammps runs without any output

Dear all lammps users,

Anyone met such problems? lammps run to a certain step, then stop there, without any error and any output as shown in the picture.
lammps run to step 42000, then stop there for one day, without any output or error. (actually, i used the fix langevin thermo command to control the temperature in this case. when i set the temperature at 0K, it can run to the end (1000000 steps). when i set the temperature at 300K, it ran to step 42000 and stop there without any information).
I check the atomic structure configurations and the energy curve, all of them are normal.
The version of lammps i used is " " for windows os.

No idea - I suggest you run the same input on another
machine and see if it works. Could be your file system
ran out of space or the like.