LAMMPS svn and git mirror service interruption

hi everybody,

please be advised that the ICMS is relocating on the Temple campus
this week and with it also the machine that hosts the svn and git
mirror of the LAMMPS sources and other related services.
this will likely result in a service interruption of yet undetermined
duration. hopefully, it will only be a few hours. i will post a
message to this forum, when everything is in place and supposed to be
working again. please only report problems *after* that message has
been posted.

in the meantime, you should be able to access the secondary git
mirrors on either github or bitbucket.

thanks in advance for your patience and understanding,

hi everybody,

the LAMMPS git and svn mirrors as well as the rpm and windows
installer package download server has been relocated and is online

please check out and and
let me know, if you have problem accessing the machine.

thanks in advance,