LAMMPS TTM large electron grid fix ttm/grid command

Hi! I am doing a TTM simulation of laser melting of nanoparticles, and am having an issue. For larger grids, the simulation freezes for any grid larger than approximately 6x6x6. The LAMMPS website fix ttm page recommends using fix ttm/grid, however I cannot find the file to use for that fix, I only see fix ttm and fix ttm/mod. Can you please point me in the right direction to find and use this fix? Thanks!

That likely means that you are using an older version of LAMMPS that is lacking this feature. In that case the only way to use it would be to upgrade your LAMMPS version.

Yep! I just installed the newest LAMMPS version, and the ttm has been moved to the EXTRA-FIX folder in src. Thanks for the help!