LAMMPS tutorials

Dear developers,

I think it would be nice to drop this link in ‘LAMMPS tutorials’ section on LAMMPS www pages, at least would be better than ‘under construction’ :slight_smile:

Best wishes,
Manana Koberidze

thanks - I just posted the link - they look nice

We're happy to post any other tutorial info that people
have developed.


I tried the link for the following tutorial:

LAMMPS Beginner Help 10

  • This tutorial shows how to insert a point defect at the grain boundary and calculate the formation energy

but there was nothing there. Is there any way you can post the tutorial, or let me know where I can find the tutorial at?



Wow. That is great.

If anybody wants me to create a couple tutorials for coarse-grained
polymers/molecules, I can do that.

(I confess I do have a personal incentive to do this. I wrote an
open-source python script for building these kinds molecules
specifically for LAMMPS which I'd like to release. It's an
alternative to matlab script used to build the polymer in your polymer
example. One of moltemplate's main selling points is that it the only
modelling program I know of which allows users access nearly all of
the force-fields and features unique to LAMMPS.)

There are currently simple 2 tutorials for building CG molecules (on
the main home page of, as well as a PDF manual
which has more examples. I would be happy to adapt these tutorials to
match the format of your web page if you like. I'm also open to
suggestions to what kinds of molecules people would like to see built
with it.

Either way, thank you for the tutorials!
(I find them quite helpful and I thought I knew lammps pretty well.)


You need to ask the CAVS group that hosts those
tutorials (see the LAMMPS Tutorials WWW page for
pointers to them) ...