[lammps-users] 3 questions

Hi All,

Please help me on the below -

1- controlling particles quantity –

I would like to know how do I control the quantity of particles in my simulation and if you can send me the command with an example it will be great.

2- Adding particle acceleration to output –

I would like to add acceleration to simulation output (I think it should be in dump command but I’m not sure).

Can someone help me and send an example?

3- Compiling lammps on visual studio 2008 –

I am working with visual studio 2008.

Did someone compiled lammps with it? Can you send me a solution which do so with all the libs and dll’s needed for this task.

Is there any IDE for GCC if this is not applicable (for windows XP 32 bit)?

I’m hoping that you can help me J

Best regards,


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