[lammps-users] A compiling error "-f:ERROR: Could not open –f"

Hello, everyone

Yesterday, I used the same makefile as the one I used a month ago to compiling the same source code on Bluegene supercomputer. (Actually, I want to compile a different version of the source code.) A month ago it was successful, however, this time I always got an error “-f:ERROR: Could not open –f”. The Obj_bgl folder even wasn’t generated. It seems like I can’t open the makefile. I commentted the line “@test -f Makefile.$@” in the Makefile.list and use the command “make -f Makefile.list my_machine” to compile. It can begin to compile. So, is there any limit of my authority over my folder? I checked that I can read/write files and execute script files in the folder. I have already googled this problem, but no good result. Anyone can help me? I am waiting for the solution.

Thank you very much!


I'd do a clean install and build of LAMMPS and see
if you have a a problem. If it's a Makefile or file
permission problem, then I'd talk to a local expert
on the BGL. It's not likely to be a LAMMPS problem.


2009/1/23 Xiaopeng Huang <[email protected]...>: