[lammps-users] A list of different headers/sections used in a data file

Dear Lammps Community,

Is there anywhere that I can find a complete list of the headers/secrions used in the write_data command? I want to compare such a list with the list used in the MDAnalysis package that handles Lammps data and dump files.

I have found/created the following list but I am not sure it is complete/correct:

Atoms, Velocities, Masses, Bonds, Ellipsoids, Lines, Triangles, Bodies, Angles, Dihedrals, Impropers, Pair, Pair Coeffs, PairIJ Coeffs, Pair LJCoeffs, Bond Coeffs, Angle Coeffs, Dihedral Coeffs, Improper Coeffs, BondBond Coeffs, BondAngle Coeffs, MiddleBondTorsion Coeffs, EndBondTorsion Coeffs, AngleTorsion Coeffs, AngleAngleTorsion Coeffs, BondBond13 Coeffs, AngleAngle Coeffs.

Thanks for you help,

Please see the documentation of the read_data command.

Please also note that fix commands like fix property/atom allow to set custom section names for storing the associated properties. So technically speaking the list of section names is infinite.