[lammps-users] About orient command

Hello Steve Sir,

I also think so. But recently i found that there is some doc. in manual separately. Also i get one shear example form the LAMMPS site where they use it. Even they use “atom_style eam”. How is it possible?

Sir i have another question suppose i want to measure the displacement (or strain) during each steps of simulation Vs potential or forces; so which fix command gives me the good result. There are one issue; i am facing now:

  1. Should i relaxed my system before finding any measurement. For that what i have to do. Is it done in same script file by minimize command or i have to done it at advance by separate script file.

Thanking you

Tell me the URL on the LAMMPS site where it shows use of an orient command
or atom_style eam. It must be something out-of-date.

You can use compute displace/atom to measure atom displacements.

You can use the minimize command in the same script before a run command.