[lammps-users] about rigid body rotation

Hello Lammps

I have a question on the group of atoms rotation. Now I have 6 atoms, and they are froming a circle staying in x-y plane.

Next I want to make these 6 atoms rotate together (like a rigid body) about the center of this circle. After 90 degree rotation these 6 atoms

should be in the plane which is paralell to the y-z plane. Could you give any recommendations which command I should use?



You could define them as a rigid body using fix rigid, and if you
assign each of them appropriate initial velocities, the body
will have an initial angular velocity (omega) which will persist.
There are options on fix rigid to keep the center of mass stationary,
and to turn off torques so that the body will just rotate freely.

Or you can wait until next week, when we're going to release a fix move
command to allow groups of atoms
to have their motion prescribed in various ways, including
a rotation option.


Dear Steve

May I know When the next version including this fix command will become available?

You mentioned this week would be ok ?

Thank you very much!


2009/11/26 Steve Plimpton <[email protected]>

Soon - but I don't know exactly when.