[lammps-users] about 'segmentation fault'

A "segmentation fault" means that LAMMPS tries to access some memory area it
is not allowed to access. One possible reason could be that it tries to
access an element of an array which doesnt exist (eg try to access item[11]
though the item-array only consists of 5 elements).
I think one possible reason, could be that your large system is unstable for
some reason and one or more atoms are shot out of the simulation area.
Does that error occur during the simulation (after some computational steps)
or right in the beginning? Did you change anything at the sourcecode, or
added some routines?

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Betreff: [lammps-users] about 'segmentation fault'
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  I have been using lammps2001 for a few months.
  Recently when I enlarge my system and perform an energy minimization of
the atomic coordinates of the system ,I meet an error that is