[lammps-users] About the friction example

Hi there,

I can not understand the friction example very well.

1.What is the role of the following command?
compute new mobile temp/partial 0 1 0
Why to exclude the y velocity component? Why should the following
modify command used this temp?

2.Why is the two half-spheres so small in the animation? Their radii
are all 8 which equal the distance between the region hi-slab and

Thanks for any advice.

When dragging the atoms in the x direction, you don't want
to include their velocity in the temperaure, so the compute temp/partial
command only compute T based on y velocity.

Re: sphere size - you might be confused by box units vs lattice units.
You should read the doc pages for the lattice and region commands
to see how they are used with that option.