[lammps-users] About using the different potentials with diamond wall to endbead and backbone bead in course grain modeling

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I need to model lubricant using FENE Course grain bead spring model. Now I am using three potentials FENE, LJ126, LJ 93. Bead to bead LJ 126 and FENE, Bead to diamond wall LJ 93 and Endbead to wall also LJ 93 but I use higher potential depth for end bead to diamond Wall than that of backbone bead to wall. I have got result. Now I need to apply different dispersive potentials for backbone bead to diamond wall and end bead to diamond wall. These potentials are not built in Lamps. But in Lamps there is option to give potentials by tabular form. Using diamond wall how I can give different potentials in tabular form.

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Your model sounds complex, so I suggest you build it up one
component at a time. You can use the pair table and bond table
commands as part of pair_style hybrid and bond_style hybrid
to combine tabulated potentials with others.