[lammps-users] Adaptive Timestep - outputting

Looking into using an adaptive timestep all seems sensible - however in terms of output is there a way to specify dumps at certain time intervals?

A lot of imaging tools out there assume a constant timestep, so to get a consistent time picture is the best way to modify the dump or is there an easier way?



Particle dumps occur at timestep intervals rather than time intervals
(see: http://lammps.sandia.gov/doc/dump.html ). So the short answer is

Getting dumps to occur at precisely the time-planes you want would be
very difficult since those time-planes would almost never line up
precisely with the end of timesteps. My recommendation would be to do
frequent dumps and then select those that are nearest your time-planes
of interest. This process could be refined and automated via changes
to LAMMPS, but LAMMPS doesn't currently have this feature.