[lammps-users] add dump style

Dear Steve,

I’m planning to add a dump style, e.g. zhjj, into lammps according to my situation. I created and edited dump_zhjj.cpp and dump_zhjj.h files, and got the executable file lmp_zhjj successfully. But when I did some test with that dump command, “dump 1 all zhjj 1000 dump.file id type x y z”, it stopped with an error: Invalid dump style.

I used the latest version, so I know the “id” is ok, instead of “tag”. I believe I’m approaching the complete success, the only thing left is to enable lammps recognize the dump style of “zhjj”. So, my problem is how to achieve this? Which file should be modified? Thank you in advance.


Did you add the 2 needed lines to your style.h file?
See the Section_modify.html doc page.