[lammps-users] Al eam potentials errors

DEAR all lammp users

I was trying to run MD simulations using Al eam potentials given in lammps potential folder. I tried with Al_u9.eam, Al_vtr.eam, and Al_jnp.eam. First two were not working and giving errors which is mentioned below. whereas I also generated my own potential for voterchen and mishin that potential is also creating problem for Al.eam. Can some one tell me where exactly is the problem with that potential.
thanxs alot

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I don't know that all those Al potentials are designed for use
with pure Al. Some may be for alloy systems.

In the current LAMMPS version, only Al_jnp.eam exists. The
others have been removed b/c their usage and original
references have been lost in antiquity.