[lammps-users] Are the atoms listed in a dump file in any particular order?

I dumped the atom id (or tag), atom type, atom
coordinates, and the force components for each atom.

From this, I planned to determine the stresses on the

atoms using an algorithm from Shen and Atluri (CMES,
vol. 6, no. 1, pp. 91-104, 2004). It might have been
wiser to modify LAMMPS to do this point, but it looks
like at this point that I'd have to build up a list of
neighbors for each atom from the dumped data. Are the
atoms in the dump file listed in such a fashion that I
wouldn't necessarily have to scan the whole atom list
for each atom in order to find the neighbors of each atom?

The atoms in a dump file are in no particular
order, especially from a parallel run. You can look
at fix_stress.cpp to see how it computes a per-atom
stress tensor (pairwise forces only),
used by dump custom sxx syy ...

It uses the LAMMPS neighbor list for this purpose.