[lammps-users] Asking some questions

Dear sir.

Last month ,I began to simulate the composite materials by the LAMMPS, but I found some questions that were listed follow:

  1. How to build the models between two structures, example the FCC and HCP and so on, in this case, the model of hex is more difficult for me.
  2. Whether lammps can calculate the friction with electricity ?
  3. I hope that you can smail several articles ,which about the simulation of friction by LAMMPS, to me .

Thank you for your kind reply.


LAMMPS doesn't have an hcp lattice style. But
you can always build whatever structure you want
in a separate program and input the coords via
the read_data command.

Re: electricity friction - I don't know what that means.
If its a net force on atoms due to current (e.g. electromigration)
then I suppose you could model it as just an added
force (fix addforce). But there is no current model in LAMMPS.


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